Welcome to Airlie Press
where poetry, place, and passion converge

Airlie Press is a nonprofit publisher, run by writers, that is dedicated to cultivating and sustaining fine contemporary poetry and to promoting poets from the Pacific Northwest. Our mission is not only to produce beautiful and compelling books that meet the highest of professional standards but also to help expand the reach of our poets, many of whom are well-established in local writing communities.

We share these poets’ work with the public through readings at libraries, bookstores, reading series in cafes and art galleries, as well as writing conferences and festivals throughout the region.

Along with providing writers a Northwest publishing venue, Airlie Press offers poets a uniquely supportive mentoring experience in the many aspects of book publishing, building in the process a thriving network of writers.

Airlie Press welcomes Jon Boisvert and Kelly Terwilliger, our 2017 poets!